High-speed robotic sorting system for maximizing material recovery and waste management digitalization


Robotic Sorting System for materials recovery facilities (MRFs)


Automate the process of Scrap Metal Sorting
and replace 4~5 workers

Can be extended to the following areas:
· WEEE Sorting
· MSW Sorting
· Construction Waste Sorting

User Story

@ Yuen Long, Hong Kong
The client’s MRF, with a daily throughput of 150 metric tonnes of scrap metal, saves 74% on labour costs (equivalent to a saving of HK$ 630,000 per month) by using eight MightySort™ intelligent robotic sorting systems, and the payback period is 11 months.


95% impurities recognition accuracy

Recognisable impurities from Aluminum:
Can, Capacitance, Car plate, Copper,
Painted metal, PCB, Rubber, Sponge, Tube, Wire, and more (configurable)

Super human-level sorting speed

Picks per Hour (PPH): 6000
Human PPH: <2000

High durability

Durable in harsh environments with dust


One MightySort™w/ the default conveyorwo/ the default conveyor
Dimensions (L×W×H)3300 mm × 1500 mm × 2270 mm2000 mm × 1500 mm × 2270 mm
Weight800 kg600 kg
Power7 kW6.5 kW
VoltageAC 220 VAC 220 V
Robot Payload8 kg8 kg
Conveyor Width700 mm500 mm ~ 700 mm
Conveyor Speed0.3 m/s0.2 m/s ~ 0.5 m/s
Maximum Sorting Types88
Handling Capacity* (HC)30 mt/d25 mt/d ~ 35 mt/d
Degree of Separation* (DoS)80%75% ~ 95%
*HC and DoS can be highly correlated with the flow density and conveyor speed.