Magic recycling bin for municipal recyclables with recognition, sorting and adjustable compartments


Smart sorting recycling bin for smart cities

MagicSort™ has high space utilisation, intelligent recyclables recognition and sorting and scalable capacity.

  • > Replaces 3-color bins
  • > Compact design allows for easy deployment
  • > Help to achieve ambitious circular goals
  • > Encourage recycling with rewards


Mixed Feeding in Batch

Process ten 500 ml bottles or recyclables of similar size at once

95% Recognition Accuracy

For recyclable type, producer, contaminations, and more

Internal Recyclables Sorting

Process 10 recyclables in just 5 seconds

Dynamic Volume Adjustment

Compartment volume adjustment range: 240L±200L


For Users

– UV disinfection
– Ergonomic and minimalism design
– Support rewards through GREEN$
– Ultra-wide touch screen for interactions
– Visual and vocal greeting when the user approaches the bin
– Multi-language support (Cantonese, Mandarin, English and more)

For Contractors

– Anti-theft
– Weighting
– Compressing
– Overflow warning
– Fast empty or replace waste bags
– Remote monitoring cloud platform

– User facial recognition

For Governments

– Increase the waste reduction rate
– Automatically collect recyclables data with time and geological info
– Offer citizens a way to turn their waste into reward and reduce resistance to implementing waste charging schemes


Dimensions (L × W × H)1880 mm × 500 mm × 1375 mm
Compartment Number4 for recyclables, 1 for wastes
Compartment Volume240 L
Recyclable Types*4 (metal, plastic, paper, glass)
Typical Processing Time for One Feed5 s
Maximum Recyclable Dimensions (L × W × H) 350 mm × 200 mm × 140 mm
Power ModesWall Power (default) / Solar Panel + Battery (optional)
Power in Operation100 W
Standby Power24 W
Weight300 kg
IP RatingIPX7
* Support customisation.